April 25, 2018


In this tutorial you can learn how you to set up and light a 3ds max exterior scene with a HDRI Skydome and mental ray. While hdri lighting is not very complicated it´s necessary to know some details in order to get a useful result. Lighting and Rendering in 3ds max using Mental Ray by Nabil Chequieq Hello, I am Nabil Chequieq and welcome to my tutorial, you will learn how to light and set up some materials for a nice result in a shorter time.

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The reason we make a reduced version for 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial is that more detail in the lighting can create more noise which is undesirable. Thanks for hanging in there and go play! Thanx a lot for this great tuto.

From here I leave it to you to play around and see how you might change the look of the render. The settings can be taken from the GIF below.

Before rendering with caustics, there are several things you need to set up in your scene:. For true mirror you could go to. Hopefully working fine now! A very high numberand above can dramatically increase your rendering time. You could boost the exposure of the HDRIs in Photoshop, you could drop the exposure values way down, you could use non-physical exposure and so on.

Second, avoid Standard materials entirely! Ignore any bitmap warnings at this point. Tutorixl, your blog cannot share posts by email. By doing this you have a reliable starting point for creating photo-real renders. Following are some basic rules of thumb for using mental ray in 3ds Max: White Diffuse because Metal is checked.

Oh crap, we broke it!! Also, though not seen in the image below you will want to go in the Advanced. The wine geometry is just slightly smaller than the inner 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial of the wineglass, and capped with a flat top.

12 Useful 3DS Max Lighting Tutorials You Should Learn

Turn on your desired render elements, select where to save your files being sure to use the OpenEXR format for output. Like magic the highlight on our stainless is wonderfully smooth! Though this is mostly to save you the turorial of going 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial by 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial through the collapsed mesh to extetior out what each material is supposed to be.

Shadows When indirect illumination is used, detailed shadow is created. Sure you could go to and still see almost as much noise. Mental ray has some disadvantages with the skydome light, which works not as good as vray, but you can get shadows in a similar way with mr. To avoid the slowdowns related to this issue, make sure that every light points in the direction of a surface this is 3dd impossible to do with omni lights.

This part will be short, I promise!!

Remember, because we boosted both HDRI maps and Plate our reflections will be naturally balanced as well. An example of direct light using only the lightng. I loved the way you used after effects after the rendered image in 3ds max. Now to tackle the all important automotive materials!

3DS Max/Mental Ray: Setting up a daylight rig & lighting definitions

With these settings, the light casts ljghting but does not illuminate the scene. We really want that ground plane to only catch shadows, but otherwise be invisible. Assign a Raytrace or other map as either a Reflection map or Refraction map before you render caustics.

Then you need to add the hdri skydome to the texture map color slot of the Skylight so the skydome is used light up the scene.

As shown above, when isolated, 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial Mental Ray sun is very one dimensional, providing very tutoorial shadow. Tutorail tutorial will teach you how to create volumetric lights in 3DS Max.

To set up these properties, right-click an object and choose Properties. All of the VP HDRI Skydomes include 3ds max scenes with proper light and camera settings, so you can just go ahead and start rendering your own scene. In my opinion this is the first kind of rendering exercise new CG artists should take on.

HDRI lighting with 3ds max and mental ray – VIZPARKâ„¢

Sort of, we really just have a mismatch in pixel intensities in our HDRI and the exposure values. Ok, I have to preface the next section by saying exposure is sort of a pet peeve of mine. This concludes this rather lengthy tutorial introducing photo-realistic rendering with 3DS Max and Mental Ray. Mostly you see this in the headlamps reflector. HDRI Rotation seems to match up pretty well now in terms of tuyorial the reflection and the direction of the shadow tutorixl.