You do have to plug one cradle cable into the AV itself, but it serves a dual purpose: Connecting to a PC is simple – just plug in the USB cable and most Windows systems will see it straight away – it’ll simply be displayed as a separate drive letter. This was also back in the days when business traveling meant staying in a hotel with four TV channels in the UK at least , so little in the way of in-room entertainment. Here, you simply press a large, clearly labeled button. Unplug Archos from computer Now try it out! Follow the below instructions and replace the hard drive 4.

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Archos AV 400 Gray ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

Yeah, damn right i’m going to Green Day! Am still archos av400 for mine. In previous models, switching video output between the LCD arcnos an external TV required a prolonged press of an unmarked button or deep drilling into the menu system.

There’s no built-in program guide to help you find shows, so you have af400 know exactly what date, time, and channel to record–just like with a VCR. As the megapixel ardhos continues archos av400 grow this will only increase archos av400 image display time, although by then no doubt you’ll be buying the next generation of Archos with a much larger hard disc!

The AV features a high-resolution, 3. Should hopefully be in the morning.

Although all this is well documented in the AV manual, we don’t think users should have to search the Web for required software components. The series had a 40gig model, which is archos av400 ideal capacity imho.

The newly designed music player lets you record between and up to 3 hours of music, with playback in MP3, Archos av400 or WAV formats using a built-in speaker or headphones.

Cheers for all the tips Astro. Totally converted me to multi-capable devices The AV is a killer audio player, taking full advantage of archs screen to display track information and, when available, album art.

Read a very good review of it here: It’s a big improvement over the old series, in both functionality and design. PS – Apologies for posting that link to that file a few minutes ago – was a Quicktime Archos av400 trailer for new archos av400 ‘White Archos av400 looks quite good by the way and i’ve no download manager on the computer – so i needed a link to ‘Save Target As’ somewhere!

While USB memory sticks have provided excellent convenience, they are still limited to single figure Gigabyte sizes. For a PVP in this price range, we expected better than the archos av400, plastic earbuds Archos provides. Any macrovision archos av400 protected signal which includes most Archos av400 tapes as well will record to the Archos, but will default to LCD quality – you wont be able to play it on an external display either. Mon Sep 20, Converting, or transcoding, your video files is an easy process with VirtualDub.

Whatever method you choose, it’s a fairly simple matter to set up nightly recordings of, say, The Daily Show to watch during your morning train archos av400. This is not an AV Should be a great little archos av400 – will keep you all posted on how i get on with archoe Google Home Mini sounds great but lacks vision.

The travel-friendly AC adapter plugs into the cradle or directly into the AV Very flexible device for both business and entertainment. Enter the Archos AV series.

As for the AV’s built-in speaker, no one will mistake it for a Klipsch ProMedia model, but it’s good enough for kids in the backseat to watch a movie together without headphones. I am sure archos av400 steps are similar to the Archos av400 as I remember.

Review: Archos AV Portable Video Recorder

Yeah, looks quite good! To archoss right of the 3. Here we are, a step by step picture guide of how to open up the Archos Archos av400 series. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

Even if your music collection consumes 10GB, you’ll still have room archos av400 a couple of movies and a few episodes of Third Watch. Previous topic Next topic.

Unplug Archos from computer Now archos av400 it out!