Testing the screen with the LaCie colorimeter showed some good results as well. Samsung SyncMaster B Plus 19in. Privacy Policy and Cookies. With results like this, users can feel comfortable that the SMB Plus would at least offer them some pretty decent colour accuracy, even without calibration. Overview Reviews Specs Write a Review.

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Often, input lag is very low and probably wouldn’t represent too much of a problem in real terms. This was certainly more impressive than I saw with another Samsung model tested recently, the SMCwhich is in fact aimed at colour enthusiasts!

Monitor Panel Parts Database. Samsung syncmaster 932b are currently no samsung syncmaster 932b reviews associated with this product. As usual I tested the screen in clone mode with a CRT to determine the level of input lag. We can’t tell you the pros and cons because we haven’t reviewed it yet.

Samsung SyncMaster 932B

The DVI interface is not HDCP certified on samsung syncmaster 932b model, which could cause potential issues in the future when trying to watch encrypted content. Gamma was some way out at 1.

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Samsung SyncMaster B specifications

Step back into style. Colours felt good, and even to the eye you could tell they were a little more accurate than the common, cartoony samsung syncmaster 932b shades you can get samsung syncmaster 932b some displays out of the box. Equally the dynamic contrast mode can be useful here, a feature which is really suited to movie viewing and not much else.

However, the improvements in responsiveness that overdrive can offer are quite noticeable and so if you are a more serious gamer then you may want to consider some of the modern screens with response times quoted as less than 5ms the current ISO limitor where G2G figures are used instead. Colour accuracy was also improved nicely, with an average DeltaE now of only 0.

This is something which can put off some gamers and is a delay between graphics card and monitor output. The FRC algorithms showed some samsung syncmaster 932b twinkling, but only if you look very hard, and not something which would bother you in normal use. The Source button lets you select the video source for your samsung syncmaster 932b. smasung

Samsung SyncMaster 932B Review

One trick for Samsung models is that you can often access the factory menu samsung syncmaster 932b the OSD to access further information about your screen. Newest Newest Most Views. Maximum DeltaE was only 2. I found motion blur was noticeable in gaming, especially when you know what samsing look for, but the screen still remained adequate for most samsung syncmaster 932b users in practice I would say.

The screen lacks any further ergonomic adjustments such as height or rotation, which are handy on a screen samsing size.

Overview Reviews Specs Write a Review.

MagicBright3 provides optimal combination setting for the various contents for user working environment. All prices samsung syncmaster 932b specifications are subject to change without notice. There was some slight bleed detectable from the edges of the screen as the above image demonstrates.

An important thing to consider for most users is how a screen will perform out of the box and with some basic manual adjustments.

LaCie would rate colour fidelity as excellent overall with proper calibration. Privacy Policy and Cookies. The screen also sits quite low down and so the lack of a height adjustment samsunt be off-putting to some users. With mouse, users samsung syncmaster 932b control OSD easily.

Samsung SyncMaster B Review |

The response time samsung syncmaster 932b a panel without RTC technology, we will test later whether this has any influence sasung responsiveness in practice. Only average responsiveness compared with other 19″ models available today. Decent colour accuracy, even at default settings. This Samsung SyncMaster monitor is an outstanding choice for enhancing your user experience thanks to the sharper picture quality.