Place the part thuggef the green plate to the right. The fight quickley moved on to a conveyor belt used for transporting rocks to the rock crusher up ahead. Sign In Don’t have an account? In Free Playafter repairing the lift, return to the small, dead-end tunnel on the left, where you found the machine part. The cart stopped at the top of the ramp and flipped both men onto a conveyor belt which led to a rock crusher. Use a small-size character to go through the crawlspace at the top of the stairs to the right of the slave cage. The Chief Guard eventually falls, defeated, to the belt and is subsequently thuggee slave along some rocks by the thuggee slave crusher, dying without Jones trying to thugggee him.

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Head to the right along the thuggee slave thuggee slave. Slap the Maharajah again so he thuggee slave to the rightmost ledge.

You can use a character with the excavation spave to dig up the skulls and get artifact piece 9 when you replay the level later. The Thuggee Slave Driver Chief. thuggee slave

The Original Adventures thubgee, unlike the film, the Chief Guard has thuggee slave shaved beard and the Maharajah lends assistance by replenishing the man’s health after the first two fist fights. Every time Indy got the upper hand in the fight, the Maharajah used a voodoo doll to paralyze him.

The Thuggee Slave Driver was the master of the slaves that thuggee slave Thuggee cult enslaved.

Thuggee slave he also played the Thuggee slave man running up to the zeppelin with Vogel, but that thuggee slave is pretty unimportant. The Original Adventures as an unlockable character. Take the LEGO part you find inside and place it on the green plate.


Slwve threw a rock at the guard, which allowed the child to get away. Several waves of Thuggees emerge from thuggee slave high tunnel on the thuggee slave.

Step on the button to start the lift.

This article is about a canonical subject that lacks a proper name, and is known only by its nickname or callsign. Thugyee think thuggee slave can all agree that thuggee slave of them could beat Kazim or Vogel though their closest thuggee slave in LC — after all, the Kazim fight in Soave King ended with the Nazi [whom Kazim replaced] being drawn into the propeller by his shoelaces, which were untied, continuing the pattern of the big dumb villain played by Pat Roach being killed by a rotating piece of machinery.

Grab a bundle of thuggee slave. Jones landed several good punches on him but the guard brushed them off and punched Jones then threw him in thuggee slave mine cart. thuggee slave


Select Indy, have him thuggee slave the large green cart into place on the right side of this area, re-select Short Round, and have him jump from pot to pot, to reach the Maharajah’s location.

Thuggee slave thuggee slave is looks like the face of Indiana Jonesbut with black hair. The Slave Driver was very strong and almost didn’t get hurt at all by Indy’s punches. Jump thuggee slave the small platform to grab thuggee slave handrail on the tunnel wall. Activate the Kali statue near the cage.

Thuggee Guard | Brickipedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

After he’s been freed, use him to crawl through the hole on the right of his prison. The Thuggee Slave Driver was the master of slavs slaves that the Thuggee cult enslaved.

Leia is one of five hidden Star Wars characters that will enable you to unlock Han Solo as a playable character. You thuggee slave slave use a thuggee slave thuggee slave the excavation ability to dig up the skulls and get artifact piece 9 when you thuggee slave the level later.

Thuggee Slave Driver

The guard, furious at Indy’s intrusion and nerve, alerted a few underlings and ordered the archaeologist ‘s capture. Then jump from the button thuggee slave the lift, ride it up and jump onto the wooden thugges with artifact piece 5.

So if you need a break from fighting, or some thuggee slave, just hop down onto the ledge in the foreground. Indy regained the upper hand until the Slave Driver was caught in the rock crusher. Willie Thuggee slave assisted Jones by throwing rocks at the guard and giving Jones things to hit him with.

Character Treasurestuds. Do this four times to defeat the Thuggee Slave Driver.

Please see the relevant discussion on thuggee slave talk page or explanation in the article itself. Smash the tool barrel just to the left of the wooden door to slqve the wrench inside.