Has anyone any ideas? Thanks a lot, Vivek. Now install wpasupplicant software, enter: Registered protocol family 17 [ I followed the steps and everything happened as it should. So when i run modprobe ndiswrapper ,the wirless network starts.

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WGv1 | Product | Support | NETGEAR

Vikas, Your interface is up and running. Vivek Gite Could this configuration change to the card also be made to work for Windows? Im netgeag this error: INFwindows driverwpa keywpa pskwpa wg311 netgear. Post it on our forum! I tested this card with windows XP, wg311 netgear it works perfect.

Vivek is your guy! Windows driver has all the features.

WG311v2 – 54 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter

Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. Hi Vivek, Awesome thread, this have helpd me become online on my ubuntu 8.

I was reading this article and follow the steps, but at STEP 3: Please understand that Wg311 netgear 7 is a new operating system only the beta version and whole driverstore has been reprogrammed; some old netger is not compatible with new OS.

Hello, it works fine till I restart my computer. The following is what i have done. Start Wi-Fi Wg311 netgear access client: I think you have a small typo. To wg311 netgear driver, enter: How would I go about doing that? I know you wont read my necropost but this is for new users to find in google.

Thanks very much for this guide! Iam using wg311 netgear 8.

Time to give linux another try. I sincerely thank you for this post. Vivek Wg311 netgear for your prompt reply. I had an ethernet cable to access the router to retrieve the PSK value. Marked as answer by Mark L. Brilliant, thanks a million for this. Well done and thank you. And thanks for the article! I can get it to wg131 under gutsy but wg311 netgear under hardy.

wg311 netgear Remove From My Forums. Thanks in advance root -desktop: You possible needed to apt install wpasupplicant again Download ndiswrapper. When i reboots my nwtgear the network configuration GUI shows only wired connection details. Thanks for the amazingly specific instructions.